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Are you prepared to make your house the haven you’ve always desired? Leo Contracting is here to solve the challenge of outdated spaces and mismatched aesthetics. We go beyond the ordinary to reshape living areas, maximizing both innovation and functionality. Whether it’s tackling cramped quarters, revamping your heart space, or creating a serene retreat, our home renovation services in Jacksonville turn your dream home into a reality.

From initial concept to final touches, count on us to navigate the process with unmatched craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Functional Floorplans & Inspired Design Solutions:

Struggling with a space that just doesn’t work for you? Leo Contracting is your solution, expertly solving the puzzle of awkward layouts and uninspiring designs. Our team collaborates with you to create floorplans that not only look appealing but also serve your lifestyle needs seamlessly. From the challenge of inefficient spaces to the desire for a look that truly represents you, our commitment to inspired design solutions transforms areas into a reflection of your unique taste and addresses the functional aspects of a harmonious living experience in Jacksonville.

  •         Tailored function & design.
  •         Seamless kitchen, and bath upgrades.
  •         Leo Contracting’s expert touch.
  •         Guidance for fresh spaces.

Seamless Remodels for Kitchens, Bathrooms, & More:

Are you sick and weary of your house’s antiquated and broken spaces? Leo Contracting tackles the problem head-on with seamless remodeling for kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond. We understand that these spaces are the heartbeat of your home, and our solutions aim to solve the issues of impractical layouts and uninspiring designs. From turning cramped kitchens into culinary havens to revamping bathrooms into spa-like retreats, our remodeling services ensure every corner of your Jacksonville home is not just visually appealing but also serves your practical needs.


  • Effortless transformations.
  • Streamlined, hassle-free process.
  • Leo Contracting’s expert touch.
  • Tailored solutions for any space.
The length of time varies according to the project’s scope. While major improvements can take many months to complete, minor renovations can be completed in a few weeks. A detailed timetable is provided during the consultation phase.

In most cases, we strive to minimize disruption, allowing you to stay in your home. For your safety and comfort, though, a temporary relocation may be advised for lengthy projects.

Our team conducts a thorough initial assessment to minimize surprises. If unforeseen issues arise, we communicate promptly, discuss solutions, and adjust the plan as needed with your approval.

We are experts in a broad variety of renovations, such as expansions to rooms, remodelling of kitchens and bathrooms, and total house makeovers. Our aim is to customise our offerings to your specific requirements.