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If you’re contending with unsightly cracks, uneven surfaces, or drainage issues, our expert team has the solutions. We specialize in comprehensive crack repairs, surface enhancements, and drainage magic to ensure your patio is not only visually appealing but also structurally sound. At Leo Contracting, we address the common challenges associated with deteriorating patios, providing tailored solutions that breathe new life into your outdoor haven.
Get rejuvenated decks, flawlessly repaired fire pits and personalized retreats with our professional patio repair services.

Crack Repairs, Surface Solutions, & Drainage Magic:

Leo Contracting is your go-to solution for comprehensive patio repairs. We are aware of how annoying it may be to deal with drainage problems, uneven surfaces, and ugly fissures. Our expert team employs specialized techniques for crack repairs, surface solutions, and innovative drainage magic. These solutions go beyond surface-level adjustments, guaranteeing that your patio is both physically sound and visually beautiful. With Leo Contracting, experience a transformation that addresses the common challenges associated with deteriorating outdoor spaces, promising a patio that stands the test of time.

  • Targeted crack repairs.
  • Surface enhancements for finish.
  • Leo Contracting’s outdoor magic.
  • Spaces reborn with us.

Rejuvenate Decks, Fire Pits, & Create Personalized Retreats:

Transform your outdoor spaces into personalized retreats with Leo Contracting’s rejuvenation expertise. Whether your deck needs a facelift, your fire pit requires flawless repair, or you desire a complete transformation, our problem-solving approach is tailored to your needs. Leo Contracting specializes in rejuvenating outdoor elements and solving the challenges associated with wear and tear. Our professional team ensures that your outdoor spaces not only look revitalized but also become functional and inviting retreats for relaxation and entertainment. Experience the magic of a personalized outdoor haven with our comprehensive patio repair services.

  • Rejuvenate outdoor decks.
  • Flawless fire pit repairs.
  • Personalized retreats by Leo.
  • Transform with our expertise.
We specialize in fixing cracks, uneven surfaces, drainage problems, and structural issues in patios. Our goal is to restore functionality and aesthetics to your outdoor space.

During our initial assessment, we evaluate the extent of the damage. If the issues can be effectively addressed with repairs, we recommend that. In case of significant damage, replacement might be taken into consideration.

Yes, our staff members have expertise working with a range of patio materials. We customise our repair services to the unique properties of the patio’s material.

The length of time varies with the level of repairs. While routine repairs might be finished in a few days, more complex problems might take longer. We strive to minimize disruption, and in many cases, you can still use your patio during the repair process.